Central Air Force Museum

Центральный Музей ВВС РФ


In June 2018, and August 2019, I had the opportunity to visit the amazing Central Air Force Museum in Monino, near Moscow.  I want to share views of the unique aircraft on display there, and maybe inspire others to travel there themselves!  I’m still in the process of organising and processing the photos I took, but am gradually uploading them to the pages here.  Keep checking back to see the updates!

The Central Air Force Museum (Центральный музей Военно-воздушных сил РФ) is the world’s largest museum for Soviet aircraft, with around 170 on display.  It is located in Monino, Moscow Oblast, Russia, on the site of the former Monino Airfield, about 40 kilometres east of Moscow.

Entry fee is under AU$10 per person. And there can be guides offering their services.

Many of the signs are also in English, and for the ones that aren’t, the Google Translate app does OK!

Expect to spend a good hour and a half here… more if you’re really interested in aircraft: it is full of unique aircraft that you can’t find anywhere else.

Getting There

  • by train from Yaroslavsky railway station (Komsomolskaya metro station) to Monino – 57 min + 24 min (2 km) walk (or get a Yandex taxi)
  • by minibus from outside Perovo metro station
  • by taxi, from Perovo approx RUB1,000 – (1 hr 15 min but varies)
Aircraft at the Central Air Force Museum
Monino museum location image
Museum Overview

Aircraft on display

  • Myasishchev M-50 (Bounder)
  • Myasishchev 3M (Bison)
  • Sukhoi T-4 (Su-100)
  • Tupolev Tu-22 (Blinder)
  • Tupolev Tu-22M (Backfire)
  • Tupolev Tu-95 (Bear)
  • Ilyushin Il-2 (Bark)
  • MiG-25
  • Sukhoi Su-25 (Frogfoot)
  • Tupolev Tu-128 (Fiddler)
  • Kamov Ka-25 (Hormone)
  • Mil Mi-6 (Hook)
  • Mil Mi-10 (Harke)
  • Mil V-12 (Homer)
  • Mil Mi-24 (Hind)
  • Mil Mi-26 (Halo)
  • Yakovlev Yak-24 (Horse)
  • Antonov An-22 (Cock)
  • Beriev Be-12 (Mail)
  • Tupolev Tu-114 (Cleat)
  • Tupolev Tu-144 (Charger)


  • Beriev Bartini VVA-14 (Vertical take-off amphibious aircraft prototype)
  • MiG-105 (Spiral EPOS Orbital Spaceplane Prototype)
  • Myasishchev M-17 (Mystic – Experimental High Altitude Aircraft)
  • Myasishchev M-141 (Strizh – UAV)

Opening Hours

*May be different due to the ongoing COVID mess.

Monday – closed

Tuesday – closed

Wednesday – 09:30-17:00

Thursday – 09:30-17:00

Friday – 09:30-17:00

Saturday – 09:30-17:00

Sunday 09:30-17:00