Prior to the Premier’s snap lockdown in Brisbane this weekend, I found myself in this small looped street in Coorparoo during a delivery shift. It looked interesting enough from the ground, and I was running ahead of schedule, so I just had to check it out from the air! CASA height restrictions are 120 metres above the ground, and in complying with these, I couldn’t get the whole area in one frame, so took the opportunity to practice a multi-row panorama. Never having done this before, I took a couple of runs worth of photos, hoping that at least some would line up.

After a couple of attempts in Lightroom, I finally came upon a combination that the program would accept, and came up with this shot. The full quality image came to 6,860×3,859 and 31.9 MB! And that was with a bit of cropping. Now that I know this is possible, I’ll consider doing it for more of my photos, as it allows for much more megapixels in the final image than just taking a single shot.

Image available on: Picfair | SkyStock