A year apart in the two images here, and so much has changed… A year and about one hour separates these images. In one group, I’m operating a 500+ ton A380 from Melbourne to Singapore on New Years Day, at the start of a nine day London trip. One year later, I’m capturing a panorama image above my sister’s house with my <249 gram Mini 2 drone.

While I am terribly missing the flying, I’m finding the drone flying to be quite enjoyable, both in finding good locations to launch for shoots, and then trying to get the right angles, and finally the editing… something I’ve not really ever done too much of before. It really is quite amazing to push the “Show Original” button in Lightroom, and see the difference between the end result and the original DNG image!

On the day I also took the opportunity to practice getting some close-up shots of the roof, gutters, and solar panels, to add to my upcoming Service options page. It was quite tricky, with the breeze coming over and around the roof, the aerial creating an obstacle, and with the Mini 2 not having the automatic avoidance sensors like the Mavic 2 Pro!

Image available on: Picfair | SkyStock